Scout: The New Finance Tool for Athletes Personified HYD December 20, 2021

Scout: The New Finance Tool for Athletes Personified

Scout, the fintech app that was developed by Michael Haddix Jr was created to give some of the countries most elite sports players the ability to develop a new type of skill set. Often displaying their sports prowess while battling it out on the courts and fields across the continent, many of them are lacking when it comes to personal finances. Statistics show that more than 60% of people have less than $400 when it comes to being able to meet an emergency, however that number may be higher for high income earners such as those in the sandwich generation.

The application, which features a whole host of financial tools and services like portfolio management, investment tracking, and credit guidance aims to close the gap between financial illiteracy and premature bankruptcy. Some of the finance coaches who have signed on are previous professional athletes themselves. The fact that the average starting salary for a rookie athlete in the big leagues is known to be upwards of $2 million per year, the tool couldn’t have come at a better time. If you are an aspiring athlete and looking to achieve financial wellness then you can get on the waitlist now.

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