AleFi: Where FinTech and Social Investors Collide HYD November 29, 2021

AleFi: Where FinTech and Social Investors Collide

When it comes to investing in the stock market there are many factors to take into consideration. For those of you who don’t know the tricks of the trade the losses can be endless. Research shows that most novice investors underperform the market by at least 1.5% per day, and depending on the size of the bet ,you can be on the hook for thousands of dollars. AleFi, created by financial investors Daniel Brener and Mike Roberts, was designed to give you a new path to financial wellness. The app ,which focuses on the social investment model lets users get their foot in the door while maximizing their potential to see gains.

As a platform for creators, this app gives you many options to essentially learn while you earn. You can choose to follow your favorite investors, invite friends to your trading group, and construct a list of must have stocks. By keeping track of real time portfolios, when your stocks win you get notified instantly. There’s also a nice 80/20 commission split for creators also known as high profile investors . The app even comes with a newsletter, brokerage account connections, and a low premium content subscription. For those of you who want to get in while the market is hot, AleFi may be just the app for you. Go ahead, skip the waiting list.

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