Do You Know Frank?:This College Fintech Helps Fund Your Education HYD January 18, 2023

Do You Know Frank?:This College Fintech Helps Fund Your Education

College has traditionally been one of the most expensive endeavors that a new graduate will consider undertaking . The average cost to fund a mid level four year institution is priced above $37,000 per year. Navigating the complexities of obtaining the funds to afford college can outweigh the excitement of getting into your dream alma mater. This year there’s a new college fintech that’s all about helping you with an education without costing you the kitchen sink.

Meet Frank, a four year startup in the educational fintech space that’s helping millions of students do college on their terms. Frank has been around for about four years with a mission to make college simpler, the process easier, and classes more affordable. They offer services like assistance with federal financial aid, vetted online college courses at a discount, and scholarship options. The company has gained massive traction in the past year. A recent acquisition by Chase puts them at the top of the pack when looking at college offerings for the new millennial. Not only can you do college your way, but you have the trust and recognition from a solid bank to give you that extra guarantee you’ve been waiting for. It’s the education of the future.